Care New England CEO and Chief Diversity Officer committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The recent death of George Floyd, resulting in murder charges against a Minneapolis police officer, has sparked local unrest, pain and rage amongst countless individuals across the United States, as well as here in Rhode Island. Care New England (CNE) is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion with Chief Diversity Officer, Dionne Poulton, PhD.  

“As healthcare providers, not only are we trained to address symptoms exhibited by patients who come in with “dis-ease,” but we are also charged with determining the underlying conditions and problems that have caused the dis-ease in the first place and hopefully cure them. Racism is an underlying condition that has led to the dis-ease of black and brown people, and why Care New England, in December of 2019, hired a Chief Diversity Officer, Dionne Poulton, PhD, who is charged with addressing such issues internally here at Care New England,” said James E. Fanale, President and CEO, Care New England.  

He added, “Care New England continues to be committed to fighting any potential racism, and racial biases by identifying and dismantling all policies and practices that perpetuate racial inequities—leading to unfair outcomes for our black and brown staff and patients.”  

“Care New England is taking an active role in addressing the issues of race and racism head on. We live in an ever-changing and challenging world, and I look forward to working with the leadership at Care New England to address any issues of racial disparities in the provision of care to patients of color,” said Dionne Poulton, PhD, Chief Diversity Officer, Care New England.  

“As Chief Diversity Officer, in the coming days and weeks, I will also be facilitating virtual discussions with CNE staff, along with CNE leaders, to openly discuss how to work together to ensure a peaceful and harmonious workplace environment,” she added.