Women & Infants Hospital Visitation Restrictions

We are implementing temporary visitation restrictions to minimize potential virus exposure.

Visitor Advisory Effective as of 7:00AM November 8, 2022 


The hospital seeks to meet the needs of our patients and their families by expanding the visitor and support partner policy. In all instances, one support partner is invited to stay overnight for inpatient care. Visitation for the other support person is 9am-9pm.

The second support person will be badged daily and banded with a blue band that provides 24-hour access. One support person may stay overnight on units that apply. The other support person will need to leave between the hours of 9p-9a. There are no other visitors allowed outside of the two support persons identified by white band with patient information and/or the blue band.

Effective immediately visitation will be as follows:


•    Emergency Department patients will be allowed two support persons.

•    Adult Inpatients on WPCU will be allowed two designated support persons.

•    Obstetric Inpatients will be allowed two designated support persons during their stay (This is for ACU, LOR, and MBU). A doula is included in the two-person policy update.
For LOR 2 support people are welcome to stay overnight.

•    NICU patients will be allowed two designated/banded support persons during their stay.

•    One support person is permitted in Ambulatory Surgery. The support person is welcome to stay in the hospital in the lobby areas, cafeteria, and Au Bon Pain.

•    Diagnostic Imaging patients can have one support person with them during their appointment.

A support person that is essential for support of a patient who has a mobility issue or a disability, including patients who have altered mental status, communications barriers, intellectual and/ or developmental disabilities will be allowed to accompany patients.

Thank you for your understanding and help in keeping our patients and each other safe.